Terpstra Media goes Colombia!

BREAKING NEWS After winning the 48 hour film project with the film ‘breathless’, produced by team ‘Take 2’, the whole team is invited to Colombia for the “Special Project 48 Hours for Reconciliation / Barranquilla”. This unique event of the 48HFP aims to bring artistic and cultural talent and tools to the Reconciliation for Peace in Colombia.

The Project will take place from the 13th till the 25th of february. However, since Fleur is back from Curaçao and lives in the Netherlands again, she will consult the team all the way from the Netherlands. Fleur is very happy with this new development:

“I’m very excited about this opportunity for me and my team. All of us worked very hard during the 48 Hour Film Project last October and it feels really great to get recognition from abroad. Even though I can’t go to the 48 Hour Film Project in Colombia, I’ll help and consult my team where I can. I’m sure we’ll make an amazing film again!”