The Definition of Happiness by Ashley Mauricia

To many people, making art brings some form of happiness. Whether you like to sing, draw, write poems or paint: making art does bring joy to people.

“Greater creativity breeds greater happiness”

The connection between making art and personal happiness has already been investigated by several psychologists. In 1996 Robert Epstein already found that greater creativity breeds greater happiness. To most people, the source of joy is the creative process itself. But moreover, with new creative powers, people are also becoming better at solving little problems they daily face.

Another study, done by Semir Zeki, found that looking at art increases dopamine and the brain activity of the frontal cortex, leading to feelings of pleasure similar to those of romantic love. These positive feelings occur almost directly after looking at a work of art one likes.

So… if greater creativity breeds greater happiness, I thought I should go and look for a very creative person, an artist. This artist should be really happy and be able to tell me his definition of happiness.

Ashley Mauricia and his definition of happiness

We met up with Ashley Mauricia (Aruba, 1961), at his studio, E-Studio di Arte’, in the center of Punda, Willemstad. His studio is located in one of the vaults of an old fort near the entrance of the harbor. Ashley Mauricia decided to become an artist at the age of 20. He is known for his coral stone sculptures and also gives art classes to kids and adults but in his studio he is currently working on an amazing art project consisting of 9 paintings of women. Ashley shared some very interesting ideas with us on his definition of happiness. I can already tell that he is quite a happy and inspiring artist. Of course his actual thoughts will be revealed in the documentary, so stay tuned!

By: Fleur Terpstra