The definition of happiness – focus on happiness

Almost two weeks have passed since I left the Netherlands. In the past few days I’ve spent a lot of time working on the documentary: doing research, moving around the island to meet people and preparing everything in order to start filming. I’m really grateful for all the help people offered so far. First of all, my housemate, who is a scriptwriter (a coincidence?), came up with some great ideas to make the documentary even more interesting. Also one of my friends offered to help me recording the interviews. But besides that, it’s amazing how open and friendly everyone is when I talk about my project or ask them to cooperate.

Happiness: the possibility to create

So far, The definition of happiness, is one big creative journey. I get to meet a lot of interesting people and have the opportunity to visit places I would otherwise not be be able to visit. For me, this is happiness too: the possibility to create something beautiful. I think that since I focus on happiness because I’m making this documentary, I see more and more of it in the world around me. Not necessarily happy people, but also beautiful sunsets, birds that sing when I get up in the morning, food from the local Chinese restaurant and even listening to my favorite salsa music while driving in my car. Conclusion: focus on happiness and you’ll have more of it. Do you agree?

by: Fleur Terpstra